Posteado por: Alex | 13 febrero, 2011

y donde se fueron las páginas de Facebook?

Justo cuando tenía un par de colosales y maravillosas ideas que me harían ganar millones de dólares con un par de páginas en Facebook, estas simplemente desaparecieron… o sea están pero no puedo agregar cambiar ni nada. Todo esto sin más aviso previo que una nota en un blog que si uno no está atento no la ve.
El amigo de más abajo piensa igual que yo, claro que ninguno va acampar en la Plaza de la libertad facebookiana hasta que las páginas vuelvan a ser lo que eran…

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Fuck You - The Anti-Social MediaI’ve always wanted to start a feature called F#*k You Friday, and I finally got the chance today thanks to my favorite scapegoat, Facebook.

So yesterday, I’m doing my usual work and having an awesome afternoon, when I have to go to a meeting for a half hour. So, I go to my meeting, and I come back, and within 10 seconds of sitting down I hear, “Jay, does Facebook look different to you?”

Facebook decided to change how pages looked without warning any of us.

An hour and 18 minutes later, I got an e-mail from Facebook slightly explaining that pages are changing. A full hour after I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my pages. And I’m still not clear on all the new features yet. I guess time and Zuckerberg will tell.

This is how you toy with the people who run Facebook pages as part of their job. How hard is it to tell people, “On Thursday February 10, we’ll be previewing the new Facebook pages layout. We’ll run the preview until February 28, by which time your page will be switched to the new layout.”  Would that be so hard? Is it that difficult to be helpful to your users and the people who drive people to your site and make you money?  Why did that have to come entirely out of the blue at 3:30 on a Thursday?

Fuck You - The Anti-Social Media

So F#*k you Facebook. F#*k you and your inability to give sufficient warning to the people who run pages and make your site somewhat bearable.




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